Cooking store E. Dehillerin
One of my favorite cooking stores in Paris;
E. Dehillerin. Julia Child would go to this store to
stock up on her beloved copper pots...
Eating escargot in Paris! A must taste Parisian dish cooked with butter, garlic and parsley. Cafe Procope is called the oldest restaurant of Paris in continous operation.
  E. Dehillerin, Paris   Escargot with butter, garlic and parsley.   Cafe Procope, the oldest restaurant of Paris.  
  The gastronomic treats are endless in Paris. Roast pheasant is one of them and you should try it!   Paris may be land-locked, but it gets deliveries fresh from the seaside everyday. You can try "Atao" restaurant.   I'm referring, of course, to Sacha Finkelsztajn, Paris' most famous Jewish bakery, located on the rue des Rosiers in the Marais.  
    Fresh seafood in Paris   Sacha Finkelsztajn, Paris, bakery  
  L'As du Falafel is acclaimed for its falafel sandwich served with eggplant and hummus. The restaurant is said to be a favorite of rock musician Lenny Kravitz.   Visiting Paris with my couisin and food historian Asst. Prof. Özge Samanci who receieved her PhD from EHESS in Paris, was a great experience!   Weiss chocolate shop in Paris, founded by Eugène Weiss in 1882. I saw these little macaron numbers in the window and went inside to sample! They are delicious but my favorites are the ones by Pierre Herme!  
  Best falafel place, L'As du Fallafel   Chef Fehmi Samanci and his couisin Ozge Samanci   Weiss chocolate shop